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Damastgoud stof

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5,60 x 1,40meters Luxury Italian baroque style damask fabric; 
made by San Leucio,
with French inspired classic flower motives.
fine gold color with satin wave technic, and with cotton and polyester thread,

This most luxurious and intriguing fabric in the world was produced by the silk factory of San Leucio, famous all over the world for the production of fine fabrics.
Produced with the classic Jacquard loom, Damask Damascus fabric is made with yarns of different colors, so the glossy-matte effect is magnified by the effect of the colors.

Damask is a reversible fabric, because the two sides are exactly the same, except for the colors: they are opposite, as in a photo negative.

This 100% silk fabric is a true handmade masterpiece that can transform any environment.
regards Gérard


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